Camera / Adapter TypeCompoundInvertedStereo
Digital SLR (Canon EOS)59-C155A-C1557-C15
Video Camera, 5 MP59-5M5A-5M57-5M
C-mount Adapter for VideoCM-0304CM-0306CM-0305
T-mount Adapter DSLRCM-0334BCM-0334VCM-0334S

Add video capability to view images on a computer.

Choose from three options:
  • Built-in camera
  • Camera as accessory
  • Adapter to fit a specific camera

The upright model CK-3M and Stereo model DG6-3M, pictured at right, feature a 3 Megapixel resolution camera built-into the head for plug and play connection to a computer.

All other Jenco microscopes require a camera be added to a trinocular or camera port, as pictured below right. We offer three cameras to choose from:

  1. Video Camera, color, 3 Megapixel resolution with capture to save live video as a snapshot
  2. Video Camera, color, 5 Megapixel resolution with capture capability also.
  3. DSLR camera, 15 Megapixel resolution or better.

​All cameras include the adapter to connect it to the appropriate Jenco microscope. Should you choose to use another brand of camera, Jenco can supply the adapter to connect it to our microscopes.

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