Jenco International's line of stereo microscopes that cost less than the GL Series above and provide excellent optical quality for gross observations include the DG6 Series and the ST-800 Series, see PDF below

The DG6 Stereo or Dissecting microscopes:

Work like a 3-D TV, use Greenough design, both eyes to enable a three dimensional effect

  • Ideal Image Reproduction
    • Adds depth to a crisp, clear, bright and flat image
    • Superior Optics = vivid details wide field of view
    • Built-in camera - color video with software included
  • Easy to use
    • Large Stage - ample room to manipulate sample
    • LED illumination - three directions
    • Parfocal - stays in focus 7-45X; 6.3:1 zoom ratio
    • Erect images don’t confuse operator
  • Reliable and Durable
    • Solid metal mechanisms endure high usage
    • Five Year warranty

​​Jenco models DG6-3L trinocular, pictured, and DG6-2L binocular, include:

10X eye pieces, optical body, dust cover, power cord and manual.

Head inclined 45°, diopter adjustable

Jenco model DG6-3M includes same as above with Camera:
2048 x 1536 color effective Pixels; 5fps @ 2048 x 1536, acquires
still images and videos; live and saved image measurement; HDR
Computer requirements: OS Windows XP/ Vista/7/8 (32&64bit);
CPU Intel processor (Core2 Duo or higher), 2GB, USB 2.0

Power requirements: Input 110/220VAC;

Dimensions WDH: 11” x 8” x 13” {base height 1.5”} Weight: 13 lbs.

Ball bearing smooth movement, 10"base, 19"post, 18"depth/arm

Standard boom without ball bearings is identical shape


GL7 Series 7:1 zoom ratio

Post or Boom stand requires an accessory illuminator

Fiber Optic Illuminator

FO-150150 Watt light source with dimmer, fan cooled
FO-150B150 Watt light source with dual gooseneck
GI-18Self supporting fiber optic light guide
GVL-18Self supporting dual gooseneck fiber optic light guide
CR-10fiber optic Ring Light
LB-8RL8 Watt fluorescent ring light

GL Series Stereo Zoom

Delivers high quality image resolution with best in class zoom range

Incorporating advanced technology of Greenough optical design into a durable, cost effective microscope to provide crisp, clear images at all levels of it's 7:1 zoom ratio, 6.5X-45X on GL7 or 6:1 ratio, 10X-65X on GL6. Both series from Jenco deliver brilliant contrast, parfocality, flatness and depth of field. Accommodate even tall specimens thanks to the 4"/110mm working distance.

Abundant options and accessories help this dissecting scope adapt to your work space. Stands allow specimens to be viewed directly on the work bench or illuminated from above and below. Auxiliary lenses and eye pieces can increase or decrease both magnification and working distance/field of view.

​Ideal for biological sciences, dissections, geology, paleontology, food science, small device assembly or wherever gross observation of small detail is required, the GL Series will bring individual features to life.
• Save time - no need to refocus when zooming magnification, the GL Series is parfocal

• Minimize fatigue - flat field of view, side mounted zoom controls, low positioned focus control and 45° ocular incline all work together to reduce stress and allow work in a natural position

• Accommodate all users - wide interpupillary adjustment (45-75mm) and diopters in both high eye point eyepieces allow virtually all individuals comfort in viewing

​• Save Money for years to come – the cost effective GL Series will last beyond Jenco’s 5 Year limited warranty due to its all metal focus mechanism and quality optics

Jenco International's GL Series has a model to meet your needs

The Illuminated Stand is an all in one option, simply plug it in and observe opaque or transparent specimens with individual controls for reflected (upper 15W Halogen) and transmitted (lower 15W Halogen or 5W fluorescent) light. LED and fluorescent produce cool light for heat sensitive samples 

Model Number chart for each available stand and head/Optical Body

Optical BodyHalogen / HalogenHalogen FluorescentLEDPostStandard BoomSmooth BoomArticulating Boom
GL6 Binocular / TrinocularGL6-280 / GL6-380GL6-290 / GL6-390GL6-2L/ GL6-3LGL6-205 /GL6-305GL6-206 / GL6-306GL6-207 / GL6-307GL6-208 / GL6-308
GL7 Binocular / TrinocularGL7-280 / GL7-380GL7-290 / GL7-390GL7-2L/ GL7-3LGL7-205 /GL7-305GL7-206 / GL7-306GL7-207 / GL7-307GL7-208 / GL7-308

Auxiliary LensMagnification 10X Eye Piece FN 22Field Diameter (mm)Magnification 15X Eye Piece FN 16Field Diameter (mm)Magnification 20X Eye Piece FN 13Field Diameter (mm)Working Distance (mm)
0.5X5X - 32.5X46 - 7.47.5X - 48.8X32 - 510X - 65X26 - 4163
0.75X7.5X - 48.8X30.7 - 4.711.3X - 73.1X21.3 - 3.315X - 97.5X7.3 - 2.7117
1.0X (none)10X - 65X23 - 3.515X -97.5X16 - 2.520X - 130X13 - 2103
1.5X15X - 97.5X15.3 - 2.422.5X - 146X10.7 - 1.630X - 185X8.7 - 1.345
2.0X20X - 130X11.5 - 1.830X - 195X8 - 1.240X - 260X6.5 - 140
OtherAccessories Availableon Request

Jenco International, Inc.

Stereo Microscopes for Industry and Education
Observation of macro specimens is more enlightening with a Jenco ST-800 Series Stereo microscope.

  • Stage allows ample room for sample manipulation but still fits in a storage cabinet
  • ​ST-800 eye pieces are locked in the eye tubes and don't fall out or walk away
  • ​New Magnification Knob location, keeps hands clear of viewing area, replicates advanced scopes, ergonomic
  • Illuminated from three directions - above, below or both, observe opaque or transparent samples
  • Solid, all metal focusing mechanisms will endure high usage well beyond its five year warranty
  • Erect images don’t confuse the operator and the clear, 3D image is bright and flat.
  • They are parfocal so the image will stay in focus when switching magnification from low to high and back.

The new ST-800 Series two power stereos are more ergonomic because you select magnification by turning a knob located on the optical body as opposed to gripping the shroud, replicating a style used on higher priced stereos like the Jenco GL Series. 

​Power requirements: Input 110VAC
Dimensions WDH 7” x 9” x 10” {base height 2.5”} Weight: 8 lbs.

Economy Stereo Microscopes

Halogen/fluorescent base 11" x 11" 2.5"H

​Halogen/Halogen base is identical shape

GL7-205 Post Stand.

GL7-207 Boom Stand.

Slim base 1" high, 12" x 12" x 1"

GL6 Series 6.5:1 zoom ratio

Auxiliary LensMagnification 10X Eye Piece FN 22Field Diameter (mm)Magnification 15X Eye Piece FN 16Field Diameter (mm)iMagnification 20X Eye Piece FN 13Field Diameter (mm)Working Distance (mm)
0.5X3.3X - 22.5X67.7 - 9.84.9X - 33.8X49.2 - 76.5X - 45X40 - 5.8163
0.75X4.9X - 33.8X45.1 - 6.57.3X - 50.6X32.8 -4.79.75X - 67.5X26.6 - 3.8117
1.0X (none)6.5X - 45X33.8 - 4.99.8X - 67.5X24.6 - 3.513X - 90X20 - 2.9103
1.5X9.8X - 67.5X22.5 - 3.314.6X - 101.3X16.4 - 2.319.5X - 135X13.3 - 1.945
2.0X13X - 99X16.9 -2.519.5X - 135X12.3 - 1.8266X - 180X10 - 1.440